1st Anniversary of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber (ADBC) celebrated its first anniversary on November 18, 2020, attended online by over 120 invitees from Albania and other countries.

This activity was opened with the greeting remarks of the ADBC Chairman, Mr. Ardian Lekaj, who thanked virtual attendees for joining in the celebrations of the first anniversary. As a surprise to all, Mr. Lekaj awarded the “Vision of Diaspora” Prize to the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko, in appreciation of his outstanding contribution in laying sound foundations of ADBC and for his vision of collaboration of the Diaspora with their country of origin.

In his greeting remarks, the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko, thanked Mr. Lekaj for the prize and invitation to the celebrations of the 1st anniversary of ADBC. “The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber is one of the most ambitious projects we have undertaken during this period and I see that ADBC has within one year given signals of a hard-working body. I congratulate you on your first birthday and do not want to take up more time to talk about the momentum politics. Indeed, you are more than momentum politics,” said the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko  when ending his greeting remarks to the event.

The activity proceeded with a video message by the Honorary President of ADBC, Mr. Lazim Destani. “We have experienced a difficult year facing many challenges and unexpected hardships. Yet, our work never stopped for a moment with the only and final goal of progressing in achieving the mission of our chamber. We are hopeful that will do many good works, make investments, and generate employment. Allow me once again to convey my best wishes to the Chamber and express my belief that our next celebrations will be showing more and greater successes.

ADBC Chairman made a video presentation in which he delivered a clear message that circumstances force us to adapt to new realities and employs methods to accomplish our goals, but they cannot make us change our goals.

Following other ADBC members and invitees giving their greeting remarks, the ADBC Chairman expressed his conviction that other celebrations will have the Chamber in a better position under the “Together we will undertake great projects” motto.