Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber starts working with potential sectors in Albania

Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber held “Meeting with the Banking Sector”, as part of the cooperation and promotion of business opportunities and foreign investments in Albania.

The meeting took place at the offices of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, Sky Tower, in an open schedule, in compliance with the COVID-19 protocols. Various representatives from the banking sector in the country attended this meeting, such as:

  • Albanian Banking Association
  • Otpbank
  • National Commercial Bank (BKT)
  • IntesaSanPaoloBank
  • Tirana Bank

The meetings stimulated a great interest on the current situation of the banking system, the interaction with the business, difficulties of the sector itself but also the market impact on other sectors.

There were discussed many opportunities that promote Diaspora investments in Albania and the need for a current and necessary data register with proactive information for Diaspora investors.

Moreover, there were also discussed the opportunities offered by the Diaspora through professional exchange and best practices in the world, with adaptation opportunities and in the country.

Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber advocates for the creation of such agreements that facilitate procedures and promote economic development. Sectoral meetings will continue during the months of September-October and a report on sectoral interaction and business impact in the country is expected to be published by Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber.