Become a Development Agent

Development Agents are members of the Albanian Diaspora. The Development Agents will boost the investments in Albania by attracting Albanian Diaspora and foreign investments in Albania.
Connect Albania Program will reward the Development Agents/connectors with a bonus of 1000 EUR per each employee in the case that they have contributed to the establishment of a successful business in Albania based on the relevant agreement between and Regulation of Connect Albania mechanism.

What criteria should I meet for becoming a certified Interested Development Agent?

Any individual from Albanian Diaspora who meets the following criteria can become a Development Agent to mediate foreign investments in Albania. The individuals applying to be certified as Development Agent must:

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • should have a residence permit outside the Republic of Albania for at least 5 (five) years,
  • and should have completed at least the secondary education.

How to register in the Connect Albania platform

First step – By visiting the website, the following window will appear. Upon clicking on “Create an account” you will be redirected to the section where the registration of your electronic account on the platform takes place.

Second step – Further, the window will appear in the system where you have to fill in your data and with their finalization, you can proceed with the registration in the Connect Albania platform.

Third step – Once the registration procedure on the Connect Albania platform is finalized, the individual interested in becoming a certified Interested Development Agent, can create a ticket on the platform, where he will upload all the documents described below, in compliance with the provisions defined through the Regulation of the Connect Albania Program.

How to apply for certification as an Interested Development Agent

If you are interested in being certified as an Interested Development Agent, after consulting the Regulation of the Connect Albania Program and the Evaluation Procedures and Criteria of the Connect Albania Program, if you deem to meet the selection criteria, you can apply through the Connect Albania digital platform by uploading the following documents:

1 – Copy of the identity card or passport of the applicant,

2 – Copy of residence permit or any other document proving residence outside Albania during the last 5 (five) years,

3 – Copy of diploma or self-declaration confirming the completion of high school or university studies,

4 – Declaration form to be completed and signed (see the relevant Annex of the Connect Albania Program Regulation),

5 – Self-declaration form on your financial resources during the last 3 (three) years (see the relevant Annex of the Regulation of the Connect Albania Program),

6 – Certificate from the local authorities for the judicial status.

Within a timeline of 10 (ten) days from the submission of application, the Connect Albania Program Office assesses the application and in case encounters missing documentation, will request you to submit them.

When the application received is evaluated as complete and without deficiencies, the Connect Albania Program Office submits it for evaluation on the certification as “Interested Development Agent”.

The Connect Albania Program Unit will decide on awarding the Interested Development Agent Certificate.

Group one: 

Albanian Diaspora members, having the above requisites and contacts with specific Albanian Diaspora and/or foreign investors, willing to invest in Albania, can apply to become Interested Development Agent(s). These applicant(s) will get the Interested Development Agent status once they are duly screened by CA. The ones who will receive the status will be named “Interested Development Agents”.

Group two: 

The Interested Development Agents (DAs) that will be rewarded with the bonus, based on the identified criteria, will be recognized as “Successful Development Agent(s)”. Each Successful Development Agent(s) will receive a Certificate of Recognition by the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, they will be inserted in a public register and will be available to other Potential Investors willing to invest in Albania. The CA Program maintains the register of Development Agents, which is made public and is accessible by the Potential Investors who wish to invest in Albania through the mediation of Development Agents. The register contains both the names of the Interested Development Agents as well as of the Successful Development Agents