Benefits of investing in Albania…

Albania aims to become one of the countries with the highest potential to do business. With a favorable geographic position, with numerous natural resources, with a cheap labor force, with great opportunities in the innovation and technology sector, the main goal is to become one of the best countries in the region for investments. Thanks to the favorable fiscal legislation, new and highly competitive workforce, the access in the European and regional markets, the involvement in numerous trade agreements, and other opportunities in areas such as tourism, agriculture, energy, light processing industry.

But what are the facilities that a foreign or Albanian investor benefits from Albania?

Income tax

Zero tax for small business up to 5 million Lek

5% for small and medium business from 5-14 million Lek

5% for the ICT industry

5% in Agritourism

5% for Agricultural Unions

Zero for 5 star hotels for 10 years

Dividend tax 8%


 Value added tax

6% VAT for accommodation in accommodation structures

6% for all services offered in 5-star hotels

Exemption from VAT on inputs and agricultural machinery and equipment

Zero VAT for active processing subcontractors

6% VAT on audiovisual advertising

6% VAT on the book