Regulations and Procedures for Business

Tourism and Environment Sector, steps and procedures to follow in the responsible institutions. The information is processed in co-operation with ADISA.


According to Law no.93/2015 “On Tourism”, with the purpose of promoting the state through its stable progress, the arrangements of Ministries’ or any other institutions relations responsible for this important sector’s well functioning (such as: Advisory Committee of Private Sector Tourism, National Tourism Agency (NTA), National Agency of Natural Resources, Inspectorates, Local Government Units, etc.) with a private subject, which aims to invest in this area, drafting procedures, the development and submission plan of all the criteria and primaries in obtaining licenses (through National Business Center, (NBC), as an administrative act to operate in this sector under determined dispositions. This act offers competitive incentives for businesses offering a constantly growing market, a liberal economic panel relevant for business, such as, a tax system that does not make any difference between an Albanian investor and a foreign one. Moreover, the legal framework has always been in progress with the purpose of attracting businesses building a stable and secure environment for investment.

Firstly, the business does the registration through the National Business Center (NBC), which is an institution that offers these specific services for each business object, such as tourism, ADISA after the agreement with NBC, has drafted (hartuar) two information cards like:

Then, according to the business’ specifications and in co-operation with other institutions such as:

The National Tourism Agency (NTA), offers services that gives businesses the opportunity to apply for participating in international fairs Click here for more ►►►
giving this way the necessary area.

The National Agency of Protected Areas (NAPA), the information card has been (hartuar) drafted “Dhënie në përdorim me kontratë qeraje të sipërfaqeve në zona të mbrojtura” (AL107004).

The State Health Inspectorate (SHI)

One of the main criteria of investments in tourism is the fulfillment of sanitary conditions; therefore their mandatory approval is presented through a designed card for this purpose:

  • Environment

    Based on Laws, drafted by the responsible Ministry as well as in co-operation with the responsible institutions (Law no. 10 431, date. 9.6.2011 “ On Environmental Protection” or Law no. 10 448, date 14.7.2011 “On Environmental Permits” as well as Law no. 10 081, date. 23.2.2009 “On Licenses, Authorizations and Permits in Albania”, the purposes of which are the protection of environment from various activities such as, granting permits/licenses to certain entities based on approved norms and criteria that might ease the barriers to operate in this business. Hence, the information cards are designed for the sole purpose of orienting and directing a business to operate efficiently in this line, where the responsible institutions operate, such as:

    The National Business Center (NBC)

    • License for the withdrawal of solid and oil waste in Durres Port Authority, Porto Romano and in their respective ranks

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    The National Environmental Agency (NEA)

    Pursuant to Article no. 10463, date 22.09.2011, “On Integrated Waste Management,” of the Council of Ministers no. 229, date 23.04.2014, “On regulations approval for the transfer of non-hazardous waste and for the included information on the transference document,” ADISA in co-operation with NEA have drafted (hartuar) 2 information cards concerning the definition of a unique code for the transference of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, the business can perform this activity only after it has been equipped with its activity license by the National Business Center in accordance with the information cards mentioned above, whilst the NEA institutions cards are: