Business Women Summit

The board of Directors of the Albanian Diaspora Development Fund and Member of the Diaspora Coordination Council, Mrs. Sihana Bejtullahu from Germin, Mrs. Eni Xheko—Successful entrepreneur, etc.

Also, the ADDF staff made the presentation of two electronic platforms, respectively: “ The Network of Professionals” and “How to do business in Albania, which were welcomed and supported by all participants in this activity.

During the second day, an exhibition of folk costumes from the Open Corporates Albania business was held in the conference hall, led by Mrs. Edlira Sulaj.

At the end, a visit was made to the EasyPay Albania Company and to the Kalo Gallery, Photo Exhibition “Flas Shqip” by photographer Roland Tasho.

A lot of young professionals, students, academic women, other business experts, representatives of state and institutions and international organizations, especially those who develop objectives related to women in business and entrepreneurship attended this Summit. The number of participants is estimated at about 200.