By Ardian lekaj /Post Covid- The “New Normality”?

By Ardian lekaj / What will be the “New Normality”?

The Chairman of Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber Mr. Ardian Lekaj, in an article for the newspaper “Diaspora Shqiptare” talks about the post Covid situation, the impact on the economy and the “new normalcy”. Economists are divided into two main groups. One group thinks it is time to make drastic cuts to reformat the business and thus create a new perspective. They think that the crisis will last and that the way of life and doing business is changing, therefore and should be reacted as soon as possible. While the other group thinks that intervention should be made only after the situation stabilizes. “According to them, if it intervenes now, it will cause a double negative effect and it will be very painful.”

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