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COVID-19/ Lazim Destani helps thousands of families in Northern Macedonia

The Ecolog International of the philanthropist Lazim Destani has chosen to help thousands of families in Tetovo and in nearby municipalities, by donating coupons. Through each of these coupons, each beneficiary can buy food or sanitary products in the selected markets......

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Albania/ The distribution of tablets donated by Ecolog and Lazim Destani

Tablets equipped with SIM cards were delivered today to the Ministry of Education, to be distributed afterwards in all municipalities of the country. This initiative will serve to all those students with limited financial opportunities, to have ‘smart’ equipment for the online school during the COVID-19 pandemic period......

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Lazim Destani: The truth on the support of Kapshtica emigrants by KKD

Mr. Lazim Destani through a facebook status has explained how the situation of Albanian emigrants in Kapshticë was solved. He highlighted the fact that this action was carried out by 15 members of the KKD, and not as a personal gesture......

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