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Meanwhile, Albania has an untouched potential in terms of wind energy. An important source is the Adriatic coast, where a lot of areas with high wind energy potential are located. The main piece of the territory (around 2/3 of the entire surface) is uneven/hilly and mountainous (East of the country).…...

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Mining Industry

Albania is very rich in mineral resources. Mineral deposits in Albania include chromium (32.8 million tons), copper (53 million tons), iron-nickel (220 million tons), limestone, sandstone, asphalt, natural bitumen, decorative limestone and massive decorative sandstone. The constant research, exploitation and processing of mineral ores build an important activity within Albanian…...

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Regulations and procedures for business

Energy and Mining Industry Sector, Procedures and steps to follow in the responsible/respective institutions. The information is elaborated in co-operation with ADISA. The energy sector, as one of the most important sectors of investments in Albania, includes a considerable amount of opportunities for investment, such as: Electricity- Law no. 43/2015…...

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