Connect Albania

This is the first project that the Diaspora Business Chamber will implement in co-operation with the International Organization for Migration, IOM with the aim of setting up special structures and he necessary expertise to help and support investors. “Connect Albania” predicts the establishment of a unit within the Diaspora Business Chamber, consisting of a group of professionals who will receive complete information about investment procedures in Albania, priority investment areas and will facilitate and coordinate all required investment steps and procedures.

This unit will support the establishment of a mechanism called “Connect Albania” which predicts the involvement of “Development Agents”, members of the Albanian Diaspora in Italy, who will serve as intermediaries between the support units, investors and businesses of the Diaspora, and others, thus they can invest in Albania to generate employment and development of the country.
“Connect Albania” is a project within the “Engagement of the Albanian Diaspora in the Social and Economic Development of Albania”, which is implemented by the International Organization for Migration, the UN Agency for Migration and financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). This project is inspired by Connect Ireland, the platform with the same name that has succeeded in the Irish Diaspora. The aim of this program is to help engage the Albanian Diaspora in he social and economic development of Albania.