Diaspora Business Chamber– CONNECT ALBANIA

Diaspora Business Chamber in co-operation with IOM Albania has enabled the launch of a new work structure to attract Albanian investors in their motherland. Connect Albania is an innovative mechanism that promotes investments and soon it will reach the final phase of the implementation.
In coordination with the Diaspora Business Chamber, the staff of the Connect Albania Unit will offer full assistance for all Albanian investors who want to invest in their motherland.
The staff will receive complete information about investment procedures in Albania and priority investment areas, as well as it will coordinate all investment steps. As part of this project are “The development Agents” which will be the Albanian specialists part of the Albanian community in Italy. Their focus will be to identify the demands and needs of Albanian investors who want to expand in Albania. This program is a new approach that will be used for the first time in Albania. The Development Agents will attract Albanian investments from Diaspora and foreign ones from Italy in Albania. They will serve as intermediaries between the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber Unit and the potential business investors.