Diaspora Business Chamber unites the Chambers of the region

Last night, the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, Diaspora Development Fund in co-operation with the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko held an activity, where it was introduced the current work of this organization dedicated to the Albanian enterprises in Diaspora.
Present in this meeting were members and representatives of the business community, inside the country and abroad, representatives of other institutions engaged in Diaspora issues and investments, as well as the Minister of State for Entrepreneurs, Mr. Eduard Shalsi, the Chairman of the Kosovo Economic Chamber, Berat Rukiqi, the Chairman of the Northwest Macedonia Economic Chamber, Nebi Hoxha, the representative of the Albanian-Turkish Business Chamber Erion Cerekja, the representative of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc.

The Minister of State for Diaspora, in his speech, said that the Albanian Diaspora is the main source of the economic stability in Albania and soon it will be part of the political vote in the country. He mentioned: “Today’s activity holds a unique meaning for the current business relations in Albania. Earthquakes and viral emergencies hit the country’s economy. This is a difficult time, the virus is hurting the economy more than it is hurting the people. Currently, support and partnership are very important in business relations.” “ The Diaspora Business Chamber represents an initiative between representatives of Diaspora and government. It started as a 3-year project of the Albanian Diaspora Development Fund and thanks to the commitment of its protagonists, it has a qualitative activity.

I hope the Diaspora Business Chamber is proof of the opposite. After its foundation, the Chamber became a member of the Investment Committee. As of yesterday, all the necessary procedures have been completed in the Union of Business Chambers. I believe that this is a special case as a result of its co-operation with the investments and services agencies, ADISA and AIDA.

I am hopeful for the “Connect-Albania” project, which is taking place at the Diaspora Business Chamber. It started thanks to the help of the IOM office in Tirana and Cooperacion Italia. This project will initiate and finance the mediation of Diaspora representatives for foreign investments in Albania. This is a mechanism that calls the importance of Diaspora in the economic development of the country.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars of remittances of the Albanian Diaspora that come to our country unorganized.

According to the statistics, most of them are spent on house construction, health, and education. This is the time to think for another way to manage them. The global emergency crisis is pressuring the economy. This is a time to find solutions.

The Albanian Diaspora is and it will always be the main source of economic stability in Albania. Soon, it will be part of the political vote in the country. After the legal changes, in every municipality of the country will start the building of the special administrative structures for Diaspora and the migration. Dear friends, nowadays optimist is called rhetoric. In the case of Albanian’s new state relation with Diaspora, the change is coming as proof of the encounter. It will show that our state deserves its Diaspora. Diaspora’s loyalty to its country is an unconditional love affair for the motherland. Albania has over half a million citizens with passports of the European Union. This “mathematics” is an expression of the fact that European integration is not only a political issue, but also a national interest. The relation with Diaspora has required a special co-operation with Kosovo, which we have signed some bilateral agreements. At the same time, this co-operation is happening with other neighbors. A particularity holds Italia and Greece, where to live most of the Albanian citizens. Let me express my pleasure for the activity of the Diaspora Business Chamber. The network of its interests will extend to an area where politics cannot do much. The politic should not be an added “cost” to a great work that Diaspora will do, in any case, and with any ruling party. This work is called “Albania”, continued Minister Majko.

The Chairman of the Diaspora Business Chamber, Mr. Ardian Lekaj presented the objectives and the goals of the Chamber. He emphasized the great potential of Albania for investments as well as the co-operation for the creation of Albanian entrepreneurs network in Diaspora. He mentioned: “Together with the other Chambers in the region, Diaspora Business Chamber will be a meeting point for all Albanian businessmen and entrepreneurs”

During the evening, Van Oord Company, one of the youngest members of the Albanian Diaspora, Business Chamber showed a video message. Van Oord Company is a global maritime contractor, which focuses on excavation, land infrastructure in the Netherlands, offshore wind, and oil and gas infrastructure. It is a family-owned Dutch company with 150 years of experience. Also, two other success stories were presented, “Dupi Fruit” and “the Coffee Museum Committee”

Dupi Fruit was represented by Altin Dupi, who explained in detail his activity, the production, the processing, and the marketing of garlic.

The “Coffee Museum Committee” was represented by Arbër Çepani, who mentioned that his entire history with the garlic trade started as a bet, which ended to be a worthy bet.