Diaspora donates 5 thousand COVID-19 tests to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Three businessmen of Albanian Diaspora donated five thousand Covid-19 tests to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection Lazim Destani, Honorary President of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber and the founder of “Ecolog International”, Nazmi Viqa of “Abbruch AWR” company and Remzi Ejupi of “Eurokoha” in co-operation with the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber donated the considerable amount of COVID-19 tests with the motto “Together to support Albania in the fight against COVID-19.”

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu, the Deputy Minister Mira Rakacolli, the Minister of State for Diaspora Pandeli Majko, as well as Skënder Xhakaliu from Ecolog, Germany, who represented two of the donors, Destani and Viqa. The third donor was Remzi Ejupi from “Eurokoha.”

The considerable amount of 5 thousand COVID-19 tests will help the Institute of Public Health to expand the testing capacities of the population.

Minister Manastirliu thanked the donors for this precious gift, which according to her, it will increase the stock of materials for testing.

The Minister of State for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko said that the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber served as a mediator in helping Albania for this cause. According to him, a valuable help is also the creation of Diaspora doctors’ network, who are willing to help Albania. “I think that everyone does their job in their own way and I have only humility and thankfulness for this humanitarian act made by 3 businessmen from Diaspora, who are helping Albania, Kosovo and all Albanian areas in this region, in these difficult days,” said Majko.

Skënder Xhakaliu from Ecolog Germany, who represented today in Tirana, Lazim Destani and Nazmi Viqa, thanked the two ministers participating in this ceremony.

“It is a pleasure to be here today, on behalf of Mr. Lazim Destani, the President of Ecolog International and Mr. Nazmi Viqa, the President of “Abbruch AWR”, together with Mr. Remzi Ejupi of “Eurokoha” who donated 5 thousand COVID-19 tests. This action started in Kosovo with 12 thousand tests, in Presevo Valley with 1 thousand, in Northern Macedonia with 2 thousand tests and today we are in Albania, with 5 thousand tests from Germany, as a gift to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. Diaspora is and will always be willing to stay close to our state’s institutions, and also it should contribute and relieve to some extent the need to diagnose the population for this virus.  Therefore, we thank the Ministry of Health for our co-operation and constant communication, and also Minister Majko who supports Diaspora in every activity. Also, we like to thank the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber here in Tirana, who has been supportive for this donation. I hope and wish we pass this pandemic as soon as possible,” said Mr. Xhakaliu

Moreover, Remzi Ejupi said that, this is the moment for all of us to be together and organized, so we can help and save each other. “I wish that these tests be used as little as possible. I also thank Mr. Lazim Destani and Mr. Nazmi Viqa for this action.

The operation to help their countries and to cope with this pandemic situation, has started since the beginning of June. The businessmen Lazim Destani, Nazmi Viqa and Remzi Ejupi donated 12 thousand COVID-19 tests for Kosovo, 1 thousand for Presevo Vallay and yesterday 2 thousand for North Macedonia. While their humanitarian initiative ended today in Albania with 5 thousand COVID-19 tests, which were donated to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.