“Doing Business Across Borders”

How to start a business in the Netherlands? How much does it cost to register as a taxpayer? What are the obligations of the individual as a partner and the individual as an administrator? How much does it cost to register a venture? What is the situation of doing business in the Netherlands after the Covid-19 pandemic? For all these questions, the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber in cooperation with the Union of Young Entrepreneurs of Albania, organized today a webinar on “How to do business as an Albanian in the Netherlands.” The purpose of this training is to provide basic concepts on cost analysis for expanding business internationally, expanding the vision of doing business and adapting to the international market. The activity started with the Netherlands but will continue with some countries such as Italy, Greece, Switzerland, etc.

The Chairman of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, Mr. Ardian Lekaj, thanked the participants and invited Mr. Guido Van Liefland international expert of “Strategic Investment Development” in the Netherlands, to continue with the question and answer session by the participants.

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