Entrepreneur Saranda Iseni: It is time to focus on Albania’s potentials

About two decades ago, Saranda Iseni left her motherland to promote herself in Sweden. Today, she is a lawyer and entrepreneur. For two years, she has run the Albanian Diaspora Business Network in Sweden, a branch of Albanian Global Diaspora Business Network, which is currently expanded in about 30 states around the world. For her, the foundation of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber is a highly needed and sought opportunity by Albanian entrepreneurs around the world, not only as a meeting point, but also as a place that they can completely call their Home in Albania.
Mrs. Iseni, how important is the unification of the Albanian Diaspora Businesses at the moment?
In fact, it is very important because we are currently in the biggest impetus of economic development. I think that in a short time, maybe within the next five years, especially Albania and Kosovo will be the largest suppliers in Europe, not only in terms of products, various products, but also in terms of enterprises.
Albanian Diaspora Business Network is a structure expanded in many countries of the world; you have run the Swedish branch for two years (2015-2017). How does this structure work?

This is one of the best initiatives that has been made to our Albanian community, because we are well known for our strong individualism. But finally an initiative came along, so we can become stronger together. In terms of knowing each other, the knowledge of our people, their wishes, thoughts, experiences in the motherland, where most of them have extremely great achievements, from my two years experience, I can say that it is one of the most fruitful experiences that I have ever had.
The members of the Albanian Diaspora Business Network in Sweden are accomplished people. How many of them see Albania as an opportunity to further grow their business?
Albania has always been the dream of all us emigrants. I think that most of them want to see this potential, this capacity of the economic growth in every sphere; for example, the investments in solar energy are of interest to our country. Then there is energy recovery through windmills, which is also an industry with growth potential. There are several business profiles that are an attraction and potential for me and other Albanians and we are trying to bring in powerful investors. We have to start exploiting the benefits of this country, because Albania is a country that offers everything, starting from tourism.
Are there members of the Albanian Diaspora Business Network in Sweden who have invested in their motherland?
Yes, actually there are a lot. In Albania, in the region, in Kosovo, in Montenegro. There are those with bad experiences, but there are also those with very good experiences.
In your legal profession, you have been focused more on Legal Entrepreneurship Consulting. In you opinion, what facilities does the legal framework in Albania offer for the investors who want to settle here?
I do not have complete knowledge for the legal framework here, but I would have liked for things to be very correct, clear and the procedure to not last for a long time. There is a lot of bureaucracy that delay the process. I hope the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber to offer the needed facilities in this regard. Thus, to support every investor that knocks on its door and also to ease the burden of bureaucratic procedures.
You are the news member of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber; can we say that these are some of your expectations?

It makes me happy that now we have a home, an institution, a place, and a chamber where we can lead on. It is enough for me to know that here I will get all the necessary data and obligations, all the rights, donations, requests, communication. Because any entrepreneur or not, who comes from another country, has a limited time so it is important for him to find every information and service he needs in a single office.
Many times, we have highlighted the fact that something was missing and now with the foundation of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber this wish came true. I believe that the Chamber will be an important center of unity but also a step forward toward the economic empowerment of our country. These are also our interests, because this is a win-win situation.