How do we respond to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has created a negative impact, not only on health but also on the economic level of each country, as the chain effect has reduced operational work and has affected in the complete or partial “freezing” of all commercial activities in the country.
In Albania, COVID-19 has been considered as the “invisible enemy”, hence the country had to offer a quick approach to maintain the balance of the health and economic system. Situated in an emergency situation, Albania declares COVID-19 as a “State of Natural Disasters.” The Law “On Civil Protection” specifies that disasters caused by extreme natural phenomena, related to earthquakes, floods and other phenomena that affect human life, living things, property, cultural heritage and the environment are considered Natural disasters.”

Among other things, with this law the government must:

Draft an implementation plan for the protection of citizens

Compensate citizens affected by natural disasters

Set priorities and constraints that prevent the consequences of disaster.

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber is constantly monitoring market developments and it is a loyal ally to all its members, while responding to any member business that feels the need to consult on legal and economic practices.

Below, there are some questions and answers about COVID-19, which will be updated if other information is provided by the market, responsible institutions or commercial activities.