Inauguration of Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business

Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business (ADBC) is the newest Albanian strategic institution aiming to support and engage the Albanian diaspora business community on the development of the Albania. The ADBC was inaugurated on 27 November 2019 by Albanian State Minister for Diaspora and Albanian National Fund of Diaspora.
Highest representatives of the government such as Albanian State Minister for Entrepreneurship Protection and Tirana Mayor, well-known Albanian diaspora members and entrepreneurships who want to expand their business to the country of origin, as well as IOM Albania Diaspora Programme representatives were present at the inauguration event.
The ADBC started its work in a state of emergency that the country is going through since the devasting earthquake of November 26 that hit Albania, by calling on all Albanian diaspora entrepreneurs to contribute and help all the affected families.

Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business will be focused on the Albanian diaspora businesses and entrepreneurs that want to invest back in their home country. ADBC will attract, retain and support the diaspora investments in Albania. According to the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce and Movimrepse only in Italy, at the end of 2018, there were 30,021 enterprises established by Albanian immigrants.
In the framework of the programme “Engage the Albanian Diaspora to the Social and Economic Development of Albania”, Connect Albania mechanism foresees will be established within the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business. A dedicated Unit will be created and will be composed by 2 legal experts and one economist who will serve as front desk/office of diaspora foreign investments interest.
These three professionals will get the full information about investments procedures in Albania, priority areas of investments and will facilitate and coordinate all the investments steps and procedures requested by designated “Development Agents/Connectors”, members of the Albanian Diaspora in Italy. In addition, they will prepare the necessary toolkit for the Development Agents/Connectors in order to have them fully informed about investment opportunities in Albania. The successful Development Agents/Connectors will be rewarded based on the criteria will be identified.

The IOM Albania Diaspora Programme is implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Albania, the UN Migration Agency, with funding from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) in coordination with the Albanian State Minister for Diaspora, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance and Economy through Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA).