INCENTIVES FOR TEDA (Technical and Economic Development Areas)

  • The entry and exit of goods in/from the area, formalities and procedures are done according to the provisions of the Customs Code
  • The developers or users who invest in the area within 3 (three) years since the beginning of the economic activity of the area are recognized as deductible expenses 20% of capital expenditures of the current year for a two years period, and are excluded from paying 50% of the rate of profit tax for the first 5 (five) years
  • In accordance with the provisions of the law on value added tax and customs legislation, the supply of Albanian goods destined to be settled in the area are considered as zero-level export supplies
  • The developer project is excluded from the infrastructure impact tax
  • According to the developer project, constructions in this zone are excluded from the real estate tax for a 5 years period;
  • The developers or users of the zone are excluded from the tax on the transfer of ownership of real estate

Expenses for salaries and social and health contributions paid by the employer are recognized 150% of the value during the first year.