Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber invites all investors in the Diaspora but not limited to, to provide their entrepreneurial potential in to Albanian market and economy.
Albania can offer Diaspora investors numerous opportunities to expand their ventures.

  • Albania is a small economy and businesses find it easier to organize and mobilize
  • Educated, qualified employees, knowledge of several foreign languages and motivated
  • Rapid access to Balkan and European markets and intensive trade liberalization
  • Investments through Public – Private Partnerships
  • Investments in sectors with development potentials such as: Renewable Energy, Tourism and Agrotourism, Agriculture, Transport and Logistics, Information Technology Services, Active Processing Industry
  • Fast and unified procedures through the National Business Center (NBC)
  • Registering a business with a cost of less than 1 Euro and in only 8 working hours
  • Online system for registration and payment of taxes
  • Positioned in the center of Europe’s largest corridors in both land transport and air and sea transport.
  • Opportunity for close collaboration between businesses.
  • Macroeconomic stability
  • Legal framework in line with EU directives
  • Opportunity to take advantage of incentive packages for land use and industrial capacities
  • Opportunities to invest in ports and coastal tourism with high potential for further development
  • Use of different currencies in trading transactions except
  • Local currency
  • Economic growth based on cooperation between the public sector
    and private