KKD / Lazim Destani unites Diaspora’s entrepreneurs in helping their motherland

The philanthropist and the President of “Ecolog International” Lazim Destani, the owner of “Eurokoha” agency Remzi Ejupi and Nazmi Viqa have managed to provide a considerable amount of COVID-19 tests.
1 thousand of these tests are donated to Albanians in Presevo Valley, as a sign of support for the compatriots in the South of Serbia. The donated tests will be a contribution to the Kosovo Albanians, but also a special form of gratitude for the medical staff who have given and continue to give an extraordinary contribution for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
Also, around two weeks ago, Lazim Destani with his company “Eurolog International” helped thousands of affected families from the pandemic crises in Tetovo, by donating coupons. Through them, the beneficiary could buy sanitary and food products in the selected markets. Moreover, Destani donated thousands of tablets for students of Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, so they could study during the quarantine period.