Koplik is the administrative center of the Malësia e Madhe area, located in the Northwestern Albania, near the city of Shkodra. It is surrounded by Lake Shkodra, offering us great opportunities in tourism.

Koplik is an area with natural resources (minerals, hydro, etc.), favorable conditions for tourism development and a dynamic and competitive workforce in the region.

The variety of fish in the lake, by increasing the production and the efficient use of the resources, has helped the neighbouring communities improving the well being of the residents in the area. Companies operating within the TEDA area will be able to sell their products in the domestic, regional and international markets.

  • Manufacturing, Industrial and Agro-processing
  • Tourism
  • Trade and Storage goods
  • Services
  • Others
  • Koplikà Tirana 118 km.
  • Tirana International Airport “Mother Teresa” 102 km
  • Durrës 124km
  • Port of Durrës 125km
  • Port of Shëngjin 45km
  • Port of Bar (Montenegro) 68 km
  • Customs at the Hani Hoti border crossing (border with Montenegro) 16 km
  • Customs at the Morinë border crossing (border with Kosovo) 187 km