Lazim Destani: The truth on the support of Kapshtica emigrants by KKD

Mr. Lazim Destani through a facebook status has explained how the situation of Albanian emigrants in Kapshticë was solved. He highlighted the fact that this action was carried out by 15 members of the KKD, and not as a personal gesture.
Mr. Destani clarified the public opinion. As it was reported by the media, the situation of Albanian emigrants in the neutral area in Kapshticë, was very delicate and heartbreaking.

Therefore, I am grateful to the real commitment of the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Majko, in co-operation with the Diaspora Coordination Council, who could find an immediate solution to this problem. This was the action of the Council of 15 members, where I am part of, who helped the group emigrants returning from Greece. As a council, we have covered all hotel expenses in Korca where the emigrants had to isolate for 14 days. Also, I would like to ask everyone to respect the safety mesaures during this pandemic. Without panic and by being careful, this pandemic will pass.