Legal Framework Agritourism

The agritourism sector represents a huge potential in the future development of Albania and, therefore, is focused in the governmental agenda. This sector has increased its contribution to the country’s economy in both monetary and employment terms, thus, becoming one of the main sectors and a strategic sector for Albania. There is an increase interest on agritourism sector from the government, donors, investors, and other stakeholders.

Even this sector is not expressly mentioned as a strategic sector in the Law on Strategic Investment, it is considered as a strategic sector given that it considered as a subsector of the tourism sector. Thus, those investments/investors that are granted with the status of the strategic Investment/Investor in the tourism sector, have the right to benefit from the special assistance provided by AIDA in the relevant procedures.

The core legislation regulating the activity in the agritourism sector is the following:

Law no.55/2015 “On Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania”, as amended

Law no.93/2015 “On Tourism”, as amended

Decision of Council of Ministers no.413, dated 19.06.2019 “National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development 2019-2023”

Decision of Council of Ministers no.22, dated on 12.1.2018 “On the Approval of Criteria and Procedures for the Certification of Agri-Tourism Activity and Construction of Structures/Facilities in its Function”, as amended

Fiscal legislation: Income Tax Law, VAT Law, Local Taxes Law

Law no.9374/2005 “On State Aid”, as amended