Legal Framework for Agriculture

This information was prepared with the assistance of Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) and IOM Albania through Connect Albania mechanism.

The Agriculture sector in the Republic of Albania represents one of the most important economic sectors of the country, given that agriculture contributes around 20% of the country’s GDP and it employs nearly half of the country´s workforce.

Pursuant to Law no.55/2015 “On the Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, agriculture sector is among the sectors that represent a great potential for further development and attracting foreign investments and, therefore, is expressly mentioned as a strategic sector.

The core legislation that regulates the activity in the Agriculture sector is the following:

Law no.55/2015 “On Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania”, as amended

Law no.9817, dated 22.10.2007 “On Agriculture and Rural Development”, as amended

Law no.8318/1998 “For the lease of agricultural and forest land, meadows and pastures that are state property”, as amended

Law no.20/2020 “On the finalization of transitional ownership processes in the Republic of Albania”

Decision of Council of Ministers no.709 dated 29.10.2014 “On Cross-Sector Strategy for rural and agricultural development”

Decision of Council of Ministers no.700 dated 12.10.2016 “Albanian National Land Consolidation Strategy”

Fiscal legislation: Income Tax Law, VAT Law, Local Taxes Law, National Taxes Law

Law no.9374/2005 “On State Aid”, as amended.