Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber with the Albanian Government supported by the Minister of State for Diaspora through the Albanian Diaspora Development Fund successfully lobbies on behalf of its members and collective objectives in enhancing the investments in Diaspora. Furthermore, it coordinates the overall objectives to cover  360° areas that affect the Albanian Diaspora, such as: National Agency for Diaspora, Albanian Diaspora Development Fund, Publishing Center for Diaspora, Center for Arbëresh Studies, Diaspora Newspaper, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc

It interacts and lobbies with other contributors in the business area, as well as it participates in bilateral discussions, the Investment Council and the Diaspora Coordination Council, thus advocating and supporting the interest of its members and the activities of the Albanian business community. Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber aims to help all Albanian Investors as a “friend”, engaging everyone to a sole network for the Albanian Diaspora, as well as to provide an economic information platform for international or local visitors. This platform derives from market research, business interaction, or between collective discussions in various forums and activities. Hence, the Chamber provides a concrete market analysis with all the opportunities the country offers for progress to build a friendly business area and also to attract promising incentives for Diaspora’s investors in Albania.