Market Research

Are you ready to expand beyond your loyal clientele, but do you need help identifying the right audience? You are confident that many businesses in our region will benefit from your new product or service. But how do you find them?

  • Let the Diaspora Chamber of Commerce help you!Our research methods provide access to different industries, geographical distribution of markets as well as accurate customer profiling, helping you create powerful marketing campaigns and set information development strategies.
  • A guide to conducting market research

    Conducting market research is the first step in starting a new business or product.
    A product is only valid if customers are willing to buy it. This is why successful businesses conduct market research!
  • What is market research?

    The purpose of market research is to get the information you need to help make profitable business decisions. Regular market research will keep you better positioned in the market, improve your products, reduce your risk of competition, and help your company grow.


To get the best results from your market research, you need to start correctly

  • Clear idea
  • Realization plan

Knowing the data you are looking for will help you stay focused

  • Start the data collection process
  • Analyze and then use the information you receive.

You need to be willing to stop at your plans if your data tells you it needs to be done! Be willing to let go of your prejudices and stay open to any negative feedback your research reveals.

  • Find new customers and markets
  • Know your Competition
  • Absorb and retain talent in human resources
  • Think “Big Picture”

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