Memorandum ADISA


The Agency for Integrated Public Service Delivery, ADISA, has as its mission activity the transformation of the way of providing public services in Albania, through citizen-centered access and the improvement of administrative services for the citizen and business. Also, its mission is to provide public services through the establishment and administration of reception counters for citizens (front office) and integrated public service centers with one stop (one-stop-shop), for services performed by institutions and agencies. of central government and / or local government units according to the legislation in force or relevant agreements. ADISA’s main objective is to provide improved, accessible, and integrated public services by reducing opportunities for corruption and strengthening ethics in public service delivery.

In the framework of the extension of ADISA in the territory and the separation of the reception offices from the offices responsible for the provision of public services during 2019, 9 integrated centers were opened, bringing the number to 15. Work continues on the establishment of 3 new centers.

All these centers have infrastructure adapted for people with disabilities and information adapted in sign language, electronic management system, modern facilities that provide access for all citizens to the best conditions ever offered in our country . In ADISA integrated centers, citizens / businesses can be assisted to apply for 472 central level public services through the e-Albania portal, as well as can apply for 70 local government services. Also offered are the postal services / financial services of the Albanian Post, enabling the provision of a wide range of services in ADISA offices.

This new way of providing services aims at:

  • Reducing time and administrative burden for citizens and businesses;
  • Improving access to services and the quality of their delivery;
  • Increasing the number of citizens / businesses satisfied with public services
  • Reduce corruption, increase efficiency, transparency and accountability in service delivery.

The new standard in the provision of public services has been achieved through the simplification and standardization of administrative procedures, digitalization of services, the establishment of Information Technology systems, the expansion of spaces for obtaining fast and accurate information on services from citizens. In order to achieve its main objective to be as close as possible to the citizen / business ADISA has created information packages for various services, of different institutions, categorized according to some of the most important life events, such as: birth, change of residence , new construction, new business, foreign in Albania, application for biometric passport, education, employment, vehicles, different abilities, pension and death. In this way, citizens will have access to information on application procedures, documentation, deadlines, fees and any other necessary information on public services.

Memorandum of Cooperation between Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber ,Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) and the Agency for Integrated Public Service Delivery (ADISA) :

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