Memorandum AIDA

Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), provides support and services to foreign investors in Albania, according to the procedure below.


  • Investor / Strategic Investment assisted procedure
  • Investor / Strategic Investment special procedure
  • The application procedure and the required documents are forwarded to the Albanian Investment Development Agency

When the application is submitted by the project investor proposing the request is accompanied by the investment business plan, as well as information on:

  • Identity of the investor and his partners
  • Detailed description of the investment project
  • Detailed description of the works to be performed and services to be provided under the investment project;
  • Detailed analysis of the timeframes that will be needed to realize the investment project, as well as the stages of its realization
  • Description of investment characteristics that specifically refer to the development of new technologies and environmental protection
  • Financial analysis of the entire investment project as well as analysis of financial costs that will be needed for the realization of each phase of the project
  • Detailed analysis on the impact that project works and services may have on the environment and urban plans
  • Detailed analysis of the economic and social impact expected from the implementation of the investment project;
  • Analysis of the public interest benefits that the Albanian state is expected to have from the implementation of the project
Application Procedure

 Memorandum of Cooperation between Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber ,Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) and the Agency for Integrated Public Service Delivery (ADISA) :

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