Mining Industry

Albania is very rich in mineral resources. Mineral deposits in Albania include chromium (32.8 million tons), copper (53 million tons), iron-nickel (220 million tons), limestone, sandstone, asphalt, natural bitumen, decorative limestone and massive decorative sandstone. The constant research, exploitation and processing of mineral ores build an important activity within Albanian economy. The mining sector has grown significantly and it has been mainly focused on the production of chromium, copper, iron, nickel, bitumen and inert minerals that are used as raw materials in the construction industry. Recently, the production and the processing of chromium and copper have seen a considerable increase in investments. “Albchrome” is the largest investor in the chrome and ferrochrome production sector with more than 43 million Euros invested in the last five years. “Albchrome” is considered one of the top five ferrochrome manufacturers in the world.

  • Mandatory connection with the distribution and transmission networks;
  • Payment only of direct connection costs in the distribution and transmission networks;
  • Long-term agreement (15 years) for the electricity produced by plants with a capacity of 15 MW and more;
  • Exemption from customs duties and VAT for the production or installation of solar panel systems for the production of hot water;
  • Reimbursement of customs duties for imported raw materials for the production or installation of solar panel systems on the production of hot water for sanitary purposes on buildings or for technological processes in industry
  • FIP (Feed-in-Premium) tariffs through a competitive, non-discriminatory tendering process (auction) for new PV installations over 2ME by Contracts for Difference (CfD).
  • Due to the potentially high sources of solar energy (over 1700 ke/m2/year) in limited areas, the unexploited potential for PV installations on infertile land is up until now 1900 ME.

Highly qualified workforce with technical and engineering experience, mostly in the hydropower sector.

Proven record of successful foreign investments in this sector- – AYENAS Energy, ENSO Hydro Energy, ETEA, Schneider Electric Sas, Amadeus Group, CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhone), VERBUND AG, Essegei S.p.A, San Leon Energy, IDROENERGIA ALBANIA sh.p.k.