My City, Our Albania

The project “My city, our Albania” is an initiative of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber to generate valuable data from different cities of Albania for the Diaspora who wants to invest in various sectors of economy.
The project is considered as an information-promotional platform, one of the most interactive ways of communication nowadays.
The journey of the Chamber in this project will be accompanied by the production of videos/documentaries for each city of Albania that offers interest for investors on certain sectors, thus building a portfolio of a city for Albanians within the country and those in Diaspora.

Hence, an inherent connection with Diaspora will be built in the framework of maximizing the opportunities offered by the Albanian market to offer them in a global standard.
In Albania, there is a great lack of databases at the local and central level, so this project in co-operation with local units, civil society organizations and other local actors, will benefit the community to fight the asymmetry of information that exists in market. Partners of the project: Elias Mazloum, Social Development Initiative

Other involved actors:

  • Local Governments Units
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Service Offices
  • Departments of international organizations and enterprises in the respective city
  • Volunteers
  • Others