“Periodical II 2019, Albanian Diaspora” Analysis and Studies

On December 2019, the “Periodical II 2019, Albanian Diaspora” Analysis and Studies was published. This is a publication of Albanian Fund for Diaspora Development that is published every six months and it is the following publication of Periodical I. “Diaspora for Development”, economic aspects and analysis on the Albanian Diaspora were first presented in the first edition of the Periodical.The second volume informs about the economic aspects of the Albanian Diaspora, language policy issues in the Albanian Diaspora community, as well as it brings a summary of Diaspora’s contributions and migration in the “Scientific research in the Albanian zone and the role of the Diaspora” conference.

This periodical edition comes with a novelty because there are two new projects presentations implemented by the Albanian Fund for Diaspora Development, “For the Diaspora Business Chamber—the creation and the promotion of Diaspora’s investments in Albania” and “Scientific Diaspora as a factor of change in the process of European Integration of Albania.”

You can read the full edition at the following link: