About the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber
Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber is a private, non-profit organization and offers the promotion, development and encouragement of Investment Capitals from the Diaspora in Albania. The Chamber started as a project of the Albanian Development Fund for the Diaspora, approved by the decision of the Council of Ministers no. 514, date 19.07.2019, and will remain financially supported by the public entity until November 2021.

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber aims to engage Albanian and diaspora businesses in networking and interaction using entrepreneurship promotion mechanisms and awareness of the very important diaspora impact on the socio-economic development of Albania. The vision of ADBC entails the strategic engagement of the Albanian Diaspora through various collaborations with strategic institutions as well as those related to the Diaspora communities, to promote investments in Albania, to improve Albanian businesses image for international markets, or to strengthen bridges of cooperation with international markets for Albanian and diaspora businesses.

The main objectives of ADBC are to build symbiotic economic relations between Albania diaspora;

  • Create an information platform for potential investors;
  • Provide financial and legal advice to its members;
  • Monitor legislation and policies that affect the competitiveness of Diaspora business;
  • Promote investments in Albania, to increase socio-economic development;
  • Advocate for improvement policies related to trade and investment facilitation
  • Be an intermediary and partner with business, government and diaspora.

ADBC provides networking opportunities for businesses, processes information on business opportunities and examines potential collaborations in diaspora. This also provides a chance to create a clear picture for all businesses in Albania & diaspora and their respective sectors.

Counting more than 115 active members, ADBC represents an important stakeholder in the Albanian economy, through businesses operating in Albania and international businesses that intend to invest / cooperate in Albania. The purpose of the ADBC is to protect its members’ interests and to provide consultancy and tailored access to international business networks. ADBC business members cover various sectors up to 1.8 million annual turnovers.

The operational structure of ADBC includes a board of 9 (nine) members including prestigious representatives of Diaspora businesses. Furthermore, it includes General Assembly and Executive Director as well as, other staff members.

The Chamber is a member of the Union of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Albania and also, with the support of Minister of State for Diaspora, it has been able to be part of the National Investment Council, as well as a member of Diaspora National Coordinating Council, providing a “voice” and “a representation” of Diaspora entrepreneurs.

ADBC relies heavily on institutional and private partners in order to provide an accomplished service. Currently, ADBC has institutional agreements with government agencies such as ADISA, AIDA and IOM. Other agreements have been reached with International Organizations in order to exchange data / experiences and provide networking opportunities with diaspora, as well as ensuring the role of the Albanian Diaspora in the implementation of common interest and socio-economic development.

Moreover, ADBC cooperates closely with structures related to diaspora, enabling a very important chain in relations with members of the Albanian Diaspora community around the world.

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber considers the establishment of high standards, integrity and business ethics as the most important pillars of the establishment. ADBC team is convinced that diaspora can do a lot more for the Albanian business community and their friends all over the world. Thus, ADBC is committed to businesses and pays attention to all entrepreneurs who aspire to invest in a safe and viable country such as Albania.