Presentation of the platform “Connect Albania”

On December 18, 2020, on the International Emigrants Day and the National Diaspora Day, the platform, “Connect Albania” is presented. This is an internationally recognized model for countries with significant Diasporas. “Connect Albania” is a new program which will be used in Albania and is being presented in an online meeting organized by the IOM Office in Tirana, in the framework of the Program “Engagement of the Albanian Diaspora in the social and economic development of Albania”. Present at the promotional activity, the Minister of State for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko said that this project gives more color to the national day of the Diaspora, considering it an added value for the Albanian Diaspora.

“This is a project that without question creates a special quality in terms of political and state relations with the Albanian diaspora, I think as an added value,” said Mr. Majko.

The “Connect Albania” program, which will operate at the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber , will engage members of the Albanian Diaspora worldwide as Development Agents, with a special focus initially on the Albanian Diaspora living in Italy.

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