PRO ISIB – From idea to project

Open call for applicants
Deadline for closing applications: June 20,2020
Applicant: Individuals and entrepreneurs up to the age of 34.

In this time of pandemics, to expand creative thinking by not allowing the passive attitude of young people, creating enterprises that can generate income through work from home, digital economy, promoting employment, education and professional training in Albania, initiating an adaption and unstoppable access to the working Albanian market, as well as integrating it into the international market.

This program is made possible by the Union of Young Entrepreneurs of Albania, by the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber and with the support of SME ALBANIA and SME ACADEMY, administrated by a special joint commission.

The focus of the applicant should be on five essential principles:

  • Simplicity of market application of project idea
  • Broad involvement and social impact
  • Clarity in project expectations
  • Possibility of remote operation
  • The purpose of profit

Sectors such as informatics, textiles, tourism, handicrafts and agro-processing, and many others take precedence in evaluating the idea.

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The Diaspora Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Union of Young Entrepreneurs, SME Albania started the competition between young entrepreneurs by addressing an open call to every individual or entrepreneur!

“Pro ISB” is the project that provides funding of the project-idea that will bring innovation and was presented by young entrepreneurs, interested in winning the 3000 Euro prize for start-up. Part of the competition was 7 innovative projects that were presented online and aimed to bring innovation in the area of service, trade and tourism. The Chairman of the Diaspora Business Chamber, Mr. Ardian Lekaj, part of the jury, said that that the courage of Albanians is impressive. “They are always looking for new ways.

They consider the challenges as tasks to be solved. The desire for education and work is the key to success”- said Mr. Lekaj. Invited to participate in this competition were young entrepreneurs of various sectors, like ICT, textiles, tourism, handicrafts, and agro-processing, etc, which after submitting their ideas online through an expert jury, are expected to make the evaluations by the end of the week

“Pro ISB” aims to support the young through the promotion of the innovations in some sectors, building enterprises that can generate income even through work from home and the digital economy. Thus, this will increase the employment and the professional approach in the country. Daniel Guçe from “SME Albania” pointed out that this competition stimulates the young, whom he calls the source of innovative ideas. Moreover, the Chairwoman of the Union of Young Entrepreneurs, Mrs. Elisabeta Katiaj emphasized the functionality and the social impact of the young entrepreneurs’ project-ideas. Mrs. Katiaj explained that “Through the official Facebook page of the Union of the Young Entrepreneurs, the young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to fill out the application and to read the regulation.” This program is made possible by the Union of the Young Entrepreneurs, the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, with the support of the SME ALBANIA and SME ACADEMY, administered by a joint Commission.