Any physical or juridical entity from Albanian Diaspora who lives or is registered for commercial purposes outside of the Republic of Albania’s territory and wants to enter the Albanian business market, prior to any formal decision, can communicate at any time and benefit from the variety of services offered by the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber. The Chamber offers the following procedures and services for any person who is interested in starting a business in Albania:

A. How to contact the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber

For purposes as decision making, establishment, registration to responsible authorities (including local tax purposes), and licensing of the responsible activity, if necessary, anyone interested from Albanian Diaspora can directly contact the Chamber at one of the following contacts:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0694245555

Representatives of the Chamber will answer via E-mail and telephone any question related to the specific guidelines for conducting business and investing in Albania

 B. Direct meeting with the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber

Representatives of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber are available to anyone interested from the Albanian Diaspora who wants to start a business in Albania or receive information about the opportunities of the Albanian market. For anyone interested, the Chamber will provide the appropriate information regarding finance and legal guidance.

C. Contact and consultation with experts

For any specific request or question concerning the project, the corporate structure of investors, etc., to start a business in Albania, as well as the need for any prior communication with the responsible state policy-making bodies, etc., the Chamber provides the contacts of the potential investors from Albanian Diaspora with experts or responsible institutions.

D. Assistance and consultation during registration and licensing procedure

The Chamber, through its representatives and experts, provides assistance and consultation to potential investors from the Albanian Diaspora to facilitate the construction, registration and licensing procedures, if necessary, without any obstacles for the commercial entities to be created, registered and licensed by these investors in Albania. In any scenario that an investor may require specific assistance and interpretation, the Chamber offers assistance through E-mail, telephone or face-to-face meetings on its premises. This assistance will be free of charge until the establishment, registration or licensing of the business in Albania.

E. Businesses becoming members

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber welcomes all registered businesses, physical or juridical entities, from Albanian Diaspora, inside or not the Republic of Albania’s territory, to become members of the Chamber. For membership fees klikoni ketu

F. Other services of the Chamber after starting a business activity in Albania

After the registration and licensing of the business and after becoming a member of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, the latter offers to all its members support and training on various topics, participation in business forums, etc., as well as the entire range of services that the Chamber offers to its members.

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