Register a Business in Albania

If you are planning to invest in Albania, then we can help you. Connect Albania, an innovative online Mechanism, and the Development Agents, members of the Albanian Diaspora, will provide professional assistance to you to establish a business in Albania.

In fact, Connect Albania Mechanism supports you to assess the opportunities that Albania offers to your business by providing accurate information relevant to your needs, including guides to doing business in Albania.

Through Connect Albania Mechanism you will benefit from the standardized procedure prepared by Connect Albania Unit and IOM Albania.

Connect Albania Programme Office, which serves as a front desk/office of the Mechanism, will support, and follow the investor’s interest. Through the Development Agent, the Programme Office facilitates and coordinates all the steps and procedures needed by foreign and Albanian Diaspora investors. The Development Agents serve as intermediaries/connectors between the Unit and the potential investors/ businesses from abroad to Albania.

If you want to invest in Albania, contact an Albanian Diaspora Member in your country , who will facilitate the process of investment in Albania, becoming an Interested Development Agent. If you do not have any contact of Albania Diaspora members abroad, connect with Connect Albania Programme Office for finding a Development Agent at: [email protected]