Road Transport

Albania’s road network, including major interurban roads, interurban roads and secondary urban roads, consists of approximately 18,600 km.
Regarding road infrastructure, during the last 10 years, Albania has invested in the construction of the main segments of the Albanian National Road Network.  The National Transport Plan envisions the completion of the national road network, including strategic arteries such as the North-South highway.

  • The Adriatic-Ionian road corridor consists of the Albanian, Greece and Montenegro territory.
  • The East- West road Corridor VIII maps the Albanian, Macedonia and Bulgaria territory. It starts from the Italian ports (Bari and Brindizi), Albanian ports (Durrësi and Vlora) and it ends in the Bulgarian ports (Varna and Burgas)
  • Albania enters the Corridor X through an important road axis Durrës-Kukës-Morinë and Kosovo.

The Albanian railway network has a main 416 km railway line (one binary), serving 343.35 km with a standard width of 1435 mm and about 92 km secondary lines of stations and industrial branches. The Albanian Railways network consists of 441 km of single-track rails. To the East, a missing 2.8 km line would create the link to Macedonia.

A proposed project will address the extension of the TEN-T VIII Rail Corridor to the TEN-T MEDITEREAN in TEN-T Med-Orient East in Thessaloniki, Greece and further to Turkey.