I am investing to give something more to the life of families in my country. Do it too!

Since 2002, Albana Muçaj has worked as a journalist for economic issues. The Albanian Telegraphic Agency, Monitor, and ABC News, are the institutions where she worked as a journalist, addressing various issues in the fields of investment, trade, production, services, etc.
For the last three years Albana was the editor-in-chief of the digital magazine dedicated to the enterprise

Albana studied Journalism at the Faculty of History and Philology during 1998-2002. Furtherly on, she studied law in Italy, at “Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli” University . She lived in Italy for 5 years, and returned to Albania in 2007.

Since 2016 Albana is the founder and director of the “Kallz” Center, with post-school program and courses, focused on the healthy growth of children.

Studies, trainings, long working experience and its focus on the areas of communication & entrepreneurship, are the basis of training programs in these areas.