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Albania is a country rich in traditions and beauty that is constantly developing, which creates and many opportunities. Take advantage of them!

Fundim Gjepali, was born in Shijak (Durrës – Albania) in 1981 and moved to Italy in 1996.
Gritty and curious chef, he is capable of a punctual and refined cooking technique that, together with love for food and for the high quality raw materials, describes the contours of his kitchen, always tended to taste and to satisfy the palate.

Chef Gjepali today is “Cook – Arch” between Italy and Albania: Executive Chef of “Antico Arco” in Rome (Italy) and of “Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant” and “Agrotourism Gjepali” in Albania (Tirana and Shijak.

He enthusiastically embraces the cooking philosophy of Antico Arco, made up of great classics and creativity, learning new meticulous techniques to execute the dishes of the Roman tradition perfectly, sublimating them with great products and carefully prepared dishes.