Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber – Honorary President – Mr. Destani, born in Tetovo in 1954, emigrated to Germany at an early age for economic reasons. In 1987 he founded his first business, the passenger transport company, “Sharr Turist”, which was the first line and in those only years, in the service of our Diaspora, as a bridge between the countries of Western Europe and the homeland. A few years later, as a family business, comes the establishment of the company “ECOLOG INTERNATIONAL” where for many years Mr. Destani is the Chairman of the Advisory Board. He is known for his national activities as well as for the continuous and progressive support he has given to projects in the field of education, sports, culture and humanitarian. He has received several honorary titles from the highest Albanian authorities: “Doctor Honoris Causa” from the University of Tetova; “Presidential Medal of Merit” by the President of the Republic of Kosovo; “Honor of the Nation” by the President of the Republic of Albania in 2012; “Honorary Citizen” by the Mayor of Tetova; while from Congressman Eliot Engel has received the American Flag in honor of Mr. Destani waved over the US Capitol.