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I love every taste of Albania…I have always wanted to come and invest here. With this climate and nature, I fulfilled my dreams. Now you can do it too!

Rigers Kaçorri, was born in Rreshen, Mirdite in 1988. He graduated in Viticulture and Enology from University of Bologna and specialized in Marketing of Wine from University of Firence. After completion of studying years, Rigers got relevant experience at the most famous wineries in Italy.

Being raised in a family that have historically produced wine since communism period made him follow the steps of his grandfather and came back in Albania to move forward his family business, that today is marked as one the most prestigious wineries in Albania.

Rigers is the forefront of Arberi Winery in the role as the main enologist. His passion about wine is translated into a sophisticated mentality of producing wine with autochthonous varieties. Combining the modern production processes as well as traditional techniques in the cellar is what identifies his winemaking philosophy.

For the very first time in Albania, Rigers took the courage to produce the first sparkling wine “Made in Albania” brand, naming it “Ardo” . This meaningful milestone is a promise that he will put himself into more ambitious projects in the future.
Enthusiasm, passion and determination are the qualities this young winemaker has obviously reflected in his character while tirelessly working to contribute something of value to the Albanian wine sector.