The Council of Ministers approved the National Strategy of the Albanian Diaspora and the Action Plan 2021-2025

The council of Ministers approved the National Strategy of the Albanian Diaspora and the Action Plan 2021-2025.

The approved document promotes the development of state policies for the involvement and contribution of Albanian communities abroad and the strengthening of Albanian’s relations with the Albanian Diaspora.

This is the second strategy approved by the Albanian government. Two years ago, it approved the National Diaspora Strategy 2018-2024, which was the first document of its kind. Dynamic developments brought a faster application that led to the need of reviewing and updating this important document for the relationship of the Albanian state with the Diaspora.

The National Strategy of the Albanian Diaspora 2021-2025 is the continuance of the application of the previous strategy, on the basis of which a new legislation and state institutions were adopted.

The establishment of new state structures for the Albanian Diaspora required further practical applications and adaption to changes in legislation. This led to the discussion of the improvements made with the New National Strategy of the Albanian Diaspora.

Diaspora is a term known for more than 2500 years ago. Today, this word can be defined as “a community of migrants, who maintain material or sentimental ties with their motherland, being adopted into the environment and institutions of the host society.” It consists of communities where identities and qualities change over time. Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (Valley) are areas that send Albanians for migration.

The Albanian Diaspora is a great opportunity for the development of the motherland, therefore the National Strategy of the Albanian Diaspora 2021-2025 aims to support the organization of the Albanian communities abroad, in order to improve the engaging capacity in the motherland. The goal is for the Albanian Diaspora to be able to play the role of an important strategic partner for the national future.

The decision of the Council of Ministers is put into force after its publication in the “Official Book” and it is made effective from January 1, 2021. Until this date, the decision no. 259, date 9.5.2018 of the Council of Ministers, “On approval of the National Diaspora Strategy 2018-2024 and the action plan” will be implemented.

The National Albanian Diaspora Strategy 2021-2025