The Diaspora Business Chamber member of the Union of Chambers of Commerce

The Diaspora Business Chamber becomes a member of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania. This is an important achievement for a structure that is newly founded.
The membership in this union is a significant step towards the representation of the Diaspora businesses on a national level. This co-operation is a great initiative for the realization of joint work with all representatives of the businesses in the country and the coordination of the activities with development potential in Albania.

The Chairman of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, Mr. Ardian Lekaj said that “The recognition and the joint approach with the operational Chambers in the country, as well as the relations with other similar organizations in other countries, promotes the universal business interests for the development of trade and industry in the National level.” “ This co-operation is expected to collect, process, and distribute trade data which will serve as a national register on reporting data on potential sectors. He also mentioned that to be part of the Union of Chambers, the Diaspora Business Chamber met the necessary conditions such as the membership of 100 or more entrepreneurs, where all members have to have a significant import-export round, as well as to have official connections with other similar organizations in the respective country, etc.

With this membership, the Diaspora Business Chamber is committed to properly represent the interests of all Diaspora investors, who want to invest in Albania, at the national level. The Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry is an organization that aims to propose and evaluate the legal initiatives or the public politics taken by the Government, the content of which is related to the interests of its members.