The Diaspora Business Chamber online with its members and business representatives

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber held an online meeting with various actors of the Albanian Business to share the problems raised as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Present in this meeting were the Deputy Minister of the Tourism, Ornela Cuci, and the Deputy Director of DPSHTRR, Endri Haxhi. The Chairman of the Diaspora Business Chamber presented the current work of the Chamber and the strategy for supporting Albanian businesses.

The Chairman of the Chamber also brought to attention the drafting of some facilitation packages for tourism, which is one of the most significant sectors of the Albanian economy. Moreover, he emphasized that agriculture is also an important sector of the Albanian economy, so there should be taken short-term measures such as the purchase of stocks produced by farmers, interest-free loans for them, etc.
As well as, the development of Albania the Gateway to Balkan strategy. Deputy Minister Cuci mentioned the measures taken to help the small business in the tourism sector, while the Deputy Director of DPSHTRR, Endri Haxhi presented the current development in the Transport sector.