The message of the Chairman of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber at the end of an “unusual” year!

Dear compatriots and friends,

 I hope and wish that you and your beloved ones enjoy good health during this pandemic situation.

 I would like to express my gratitude for all the support you have given to the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber (ADBC) in the course of 2020 and want to share with you my projections for the future. 

In close cooperation with one another, the ABDC board, staff, and members as well as the Albanian Development Fund for Diaspora worked to establish operational structures so that the connecting bridges between the Diaspora and the homeland are built on solid foundations for the future. We never considered the pandemic as an obstacle in our journey and held more than 50 events, many of them online, albeit. We used this period to better know one another, to discuss on existing opportunities, and to plan our next steps for the future. Examples of our successful work during this year include membership of over 130 businesses, establishing work alliances, recognition by and cooperation with the chambers in the Western Balkan region, concrete collaboration with businesses, support to young entrepreneurs and new startups, participation in various promotional activities, and support with economic aid and foodstuffs for households and families affected by the November 2019 earthquake, donation of tablets to schools, donation of 5,000 Covid-19 test kits to Albanian healthcare authorities, distribution of face masks to public primary schools donated by benevolent friends of Diaspora in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro, etc.

 During this one-year period, the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber proved that it has a clear vision of the future and is resilient to extraordinary situations, such as earthquake or pandemic. This resilience was made possible owing to the close cooperation with ADBC members, partners, and state institutions, which encouraged our chamber with opinions, feedback, support, and promotion. I believe in the infinite opportunities available to the Albanian Diaspora. Indeed, I am not daydreaming. It’s just a reality.

 With a positive view towards the future and on behalf of the entire ADBC team, I would like to express again our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all of you that trusted in us and supported us during 2020. Our journey as a builder of connecting bridges between the Albanian Diaspora in every corner of the world and the home country has just commenced. Being a member of the ADBC is not only passion and love for the homeland, but also a privilege and a responsibility.

 In conclusion, I take advantage of this opportunity to send my wholehearted wishes to you and your beloved one for joyous celebration of the season’s holidays and a prosperous 2021!

 Ardian Lekaj

Chairman of Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber

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