The start of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber

Now, all Albanian entrepreneurs in the world have a common meeting point in Albania, the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, an institution that aims to create a cooperating network between Albania and Albanian investors. This institution aims to create a suitable environment for an Albanian economic co-operation, through the promotion of direct investments and partnerships and the offering of detailed information to encourage and orient enterprises and Diaspora investment capital in the country’s economy.

The Honorary President Mr. Lazim Destani was present during the opening ceremony. He delivered a greeting speech to honour the initiative taken for the creation of this Chamber, as an opportunity for cooperation between all entrepreneurs in the Diaspora.
The Chairman of the Business Chamber, Mr. Ardian Lekaj said: “This Chamber, as a new structure, will support every Albanian entrepreneur from the Diaspora, to facilitate the process of their investment in Albania.”
In his welcoming speech, Minister Majko said that “The establishment of the Diaspora Business Chamber is very important in getting Albanian entrepreneurs closer to their country of origin, so they can bring their business experience from the western world and positively influence in the economic development of Albania.”
The first project of the Chamber “Connect Albania” was presented at the inauguration ceremony. This project predicts the establishment of a unit within the Diaspora Commerce Chamber, with a group of professionals that will take information related to the investment procedures in Albania, priority investment areas and will facilitate and coordinate all required investments’ steps and procedures supported by IOM (International Organization for Migration) and AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.)