The start of the “Network of Diaspora Professionals”

The Executive director of Albanian Diaspora Development Fund, Mrs. Blerina Turdiu, together with the Coordinator of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, Mrs. Linda Dervishaj, presented on July 8, 2020 for A2 CNN television the last two projects of the Albanian Diaspora Development Fund: The platform “Network of Diaspora Professionals” and the Platform “Digitalization of Albanian Works.”

The Executive director of the Albanian Diaspora Development Fund, Mrs. Blerina Turdiu made known to the public the launch of the platform “Network of the Professionals” within the project Diaspora for Development. Mrs. Turdiu presented the Platform as an idea that supports and promotes the development of Albania, acting as a meeting point for Diaspora through the exchange of information and the involvement of members’ expertise of the Diaspora’s professional community. She referred to the major mission of the “Network of Professionals” to serve the identification of the human capital in Diaspora, as an added value for the socio-economic and cultural development of the country.

During the conversation, they also talked about the publication of “The Digitalization of Albanian Works” Platform and its mission in preserving the collective cultural memory through literature. Mrs. Turdiu expressed that the complete information about this special product will be available in a second moment.