Tourism & Agriculture

According to the Bank of Albania’s public records in the balance of payment, in 2018 the economy has benefited from tourism an increase of 9%, from 1.7 bln Euro to 1.85 bln Euro. Since for each 1 leke invested, 3 leke are generated with an added value and for each employed in this sector, 3 new workplaces are built, this added value in tourism carries a remarkable economic and strategy importance for Albania.

Currently the tourism sector employs about 7.7% of the Albania’s total work force, whereas until 2028 an increase of 8.8% is predicted in the same sector. Referring to the same report of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the investments in this sector occupy about 7.5% of the entire investments in the country, whereas until 2028 an increase of 8.2% is predicted.

Fiscal Initiatives of Tourism

Accommodating structures like “4 and 5 stars hotels, with special status” and holders of an internationally recognized and registered trademark are excluded from the value added tax for a 10…

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Legal Framework Tourism

The tourism industry has increased its contribution to the country's economy in both monetary and employment terms, thus becoming the main sector and a strategic sector for Albania. There is…

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Fiscal Initiatives of Agritourism

Agritourism is a sub-sector, which is a also a crucial potential of economy, which aims not only the local economic growth and progress, but also the hospitality of tourists, who…

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Legal Framework Agritourism

The agritourism sector represents a huge potential in the future development of Albania and, therefore, is focused in the governmental agenda. This sector has increased its contribution to the country's…

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Regulations and Procedures for Business

According to Law no.93/2015 “On Tourism”, with the purpose of promoting the state through its stable progress, the arrangements of Ministries’ or any other institutions relations responsible for this important…

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