Volunteers Hub

The “Volunteers Hub” project refers to the creation of a group of volunteers who wish to be involved in various projects of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber. The call for volunteers will remain open throughout the year and anyone interested can submit their application and express their interest according to their preferred area.

Criteria for volunteering at the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber:

  • To be a student or newly graduated
  • To have available time to engage with projects
  • To respect the terms and conditions set by the staff of Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber

Call for Volunteers!

Are you a young and energetic student ready for some fun? Would you like a real experience to be part of the business community in Albania? The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber welcomes volunteers for its projects!You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself in dynamic projects and have a taste of business in Albania.
For all interested, please send your CV and a short motivation letter to [email protected] under “Application for Volunteering.”

Join us and try a real experience!

1. Presentation

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber aims to require volunteers to make a substantial contribution to our goals. We recognize the added value that volunteers bring to our organization and those who use our services. Voluntary involvement in this organization does not replace or devalue the role of paid staff.

Within the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Commerce, volunteers are included but not limited to:

• Project Management and Activities
• Operational flows of the organization
• Presentation of the organization and PR activities

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber aims to have a reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationship with voluntary involvement, informing and developing our work and enabling individuals to learn skills and achieve personal development through their volunteering.

Involvement of volunteers will be guided by the following principles of good practice:
• The tasks to be performed by the volunteers will be clearly defined, so that everyone is confident about their respective roles and responsibilities;
• the organization will be in accordance with Law no. 45 dated 28.04.2016 “For Volunteers”
• Volunteering opportunities will complement and will not replace paid staff work.
• Volunteers will be provided with regular opportunities to exchange ideas / proposals with a particular contact in accordance with our support and oversight policy;
• All existing and future policies will be monitored for how they affect volunteers.

2. The purpose of this policy

By approving this policy, the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber aims to:

• highlight and recognize the value of the contribution made by volunteers;
• reflect the purpose, values, standards and strategies of the organization in its approach to volunteer involvement;
• recognize the roles, rights and responsibilities of volunteers;
• confirm the commitment of this organization for the involvement of volunteers in its work;
• establish clear principles for the involvement of volunteers; and
• ensure the continuous quality of volunteer activities and the work done by our volunteers;

This policy provides a summary of the activities to be performed by the volunteers and provides a basis for expanding, if required, the role of the volunteers alongside the paid staff. This document and accompanying policy, procedures and guidelines provide a framework for volunteer involvement.

3. Recruitment and selection

The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber will adhere to equality and diversity policy when recruiting and selecting volunteers. All potential volunteers will be required to complete a volunteer application / registration form. The written task descriptions will describe the time, commitment, skills required, and current tasks. When a specific training is required, this will be highlighted as part of the recruitment process. When there is a requirement for a Detailed Check, this will be highlighted as part of the recruitment process. All volunteers will be required to provide 2 references, from school / university / workplace etc.

4. Support and Oversight

Once established, we will expect volunteers to adhere to existing policies and procedures. All volunteers who are involved with the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Commerce, will be covered by the relevant insurance, according to the law in force in Albania.

All volunteers will have a presentation on their volunteering, which will include a summary of relevant policies and procedures. After the presentation, volunteers will have regular support and oversight meetings with a designated contact to identify areas for development, or to discuss any issues. A record of these discussions will be kept as part of the individual registers of volunteers. Volunteers can access their registrations at any time.

Volunteers will be able to claim reasonable expenses for their volunteering, in accordance with the spending policy. Volunteers should discuss any planned expenses before making this expense to ensure that it will be covered by the organization.

When volunteers have vacations or other engagements which means they cannot participate in their normal volunteering, they should advise their appointed contact to ensure that we can provide alternatives. If volunteers request a longer break from their volunteering, they should discuss this with their appointed contact. The Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber will try to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of volunteers.

Volunteers can access learning and development opportunities, which are important for their volunteer role, all the time with the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Commerce. Options