Why join?

Membership at the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber offers the opportunity to be part of a wide network of domestic and foreign Albanian businesses. The focus of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber is to create incentives of economic growth for Albania and Albanians, offering investments in Albania or other new markets for Albanian businesses worldwide to empower their economic and commercial partnerships.

Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber offers to businesses and investors support for effective implementation on business and other sectors, such as: Agriculture, Tourism, Manufacturing, Agro-tourism, Transport and Infrastructure.This network will enhance collaboration between businesses and Albanian enterprises that operate in Albania and Diaspora. It will also elevate investments and economic and commercial partnerships between the two parties.

Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber is a new structure that aims to assist and support Albanian Enterprisers from Diaspora, who want to invest in their homeland. The experts of the Diaspora’s Chamber of Business will individually assist each investor in legal and financial procedures to facilitate their investment process in Albania.